Top Makeup Products Every Beginner Needs

1. Moisturizer. This isn’t really makeup product but it’s important to have for everyone so your skin isn’t super dry

2. Foundation. For beginners I would suggest a powder foundation. I know that Bare Minerals recently put out a powder foundation that has a beautiful finish. I haven’t tried it but I hear it’s great. You can easily find reviews by searching up “Bear Minerals powder foundation review” I will make a post if/when I try it.

3. Brow Pencil. Things like ABH Brow Pomade are easy to mess up and put too much on. The pencil that I’m using and recommend is the Flower Beauty Brow Pencil. It lasts a long time. Drew Barrymore purposely made it affordable so people could buy it.

5. Mascara. Mascara for me is a must have. My personal favorite is the Femme Couture Fake Lash Mascara. It’s sold at Sally Beauty. It makes your lashes look great. My next favorite is a Mary Kay mascara. They look very nice and I like to pair those two.

6. Blush and Highlighter. Blush and highlighter are easy to go overboard with. So watch some tutorials. My favorite blush is the Nyx baked blush in the shade Pink Fetish. A little goes a long way but that makes it last a lot longer. For highlighter I recommend one of the Nyx DuoChrome highlighter. The more you build it up, the more blinding it will be.

7. Lipgloss. The last thing is lipgloss. You’re gonna need a little sumin’ sumin’ on your lips to finsish off the look. My favorite nude gloss is the Fenty Glow from Fenty beauty.

That concludes my list! Let me know if you have any questions!

“Whether I’m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I’m always the same person inside.” – Lady Gaga